Larissa & Ricky – September 2022

Larissa & Ricky's wedding

Working with Larissa and Ricky, leading up to their wedding, was a pleasure for all of us. Between choosing The Gardens as her wedding location and the big day, Larissa joined our team was one of our fantastic Event Managers. She now takes all of her experience and attention-to-detail from planning her wedding and shares them with other couples she’s helping to tie the knot! Larissa and Ricky planned a magical day for all of their guests. With four different food trucks throughout the night and a dance floor that was never empty, it was certainly a memorable event!

~ The Gardens Management Team

Where are you from?

Larissa is from Nashua and Ricky is from Bow!

Larissa & Ricky

How did you meet?

Ricky saw a group photo hanging on a mutual friend’s dorm room wall his freshman year and asked who “the tall blonde” was. He then proceeded to write on Larissa’s Facebook wall of her Facebook profile and told Larissa to come up to the University of New Hampshire to visit. Larissa ended up going a few weekends later! (Lol!)

How long have you been together?

We have been together since 2014!

Tell us your engagement story!

Ricky planned a surprise trip to Aruba. Well, it was a surprise until we were sitting on the couch watching a commercial about travel two weeks before leaving, when Larissa said, “Hmm, I should probably renew my passport this year!” Ricky then panicked in silence and over the next few days, organized a hard-to-get appointment at the only open passport agency in New England, that stayed open through COVID-19, in Vermont! When he booked the appointment, it automatically e-mailed Larissa a confirmation and she then sent him a screenshot, asking if he knew anything about it. When Larissa got home from work, Ricky told her all about it and somehow managed to get it all situated with no time to spare! Ricky left the destination a surprise as long as he could and everything else worked out perfectly. He ended up proposing on the fourth day at sunset on the beach!

What is one of your favorite things to do as a couple?

We are team food and love cooking/going out!

What made you fall in love with The Gardens and choose it for your wedding day?

We ended up touring The Gardens on a cloudy, rainy day and saw how beautiful it was, even in poor weather. When we were told a fall date was still available for the following year, it was a done deal! Larissa had always imagined a fall wedding. The decision was made before we even got back into our car to head home, as we were walking through the Stroll Garden under the weeping cherry tree!

Larissa & Ricky

What was your favorite place to take photos around The Gardens?

The Stroll Garden was where we decided on the venue and where we did our first look, so it holds a special place in our hearts. We also loved how our photos came out in Nettie’s Garden at sunset!

Larissa and her father, walking down the aisle, at Larissa & Ricky's wedding

What was the best part of your wedding day?

Ricky’s favorite part was the intimate first look. Time stood still for the only time that day as we had a few minutes of alone time. Larissa’s favorite part was rounding the corner with her dad and seeing Ricky waiting for her at the end of the aisle.

The stars are older love stories in a sky spun of soul.

~ Angie Weiland-Crosby
Larissa & Ricky's wedding party
"Love is like a rose.
When pressed between two lifetimes, it will last forever."