Christin & Neil – September 2022

Christin & Neil's Wedding, September 2022

Happy new year! It’s such an honor to share love story highlights from some of our amazing couples who have chosen to trust The Gardens at Uncanoonuc on their wedding day!

Christin was such a sweet and appreciative bride. She was so organized and their love of Nettie’s Garden and the Rose Garden shone through their photos. We are thrilling to feature this wonderful couple (& Otis) in this month’s blog.

Where are you from?

Nashua, New Hampshire.

How did you meet?

We met in high school. Neil was coaching the annual powderpuff football game, and Christin was begrudgingly convinced by her friends to participate. Good thing, because as soon as she walked into the gym she was immediately drawn to Neil and just felt like she had to know who he was.

Our roses blossom all summer, but September is the month they reach their second peak bloom time. It rivals early summer for sheer abundance of color and intoxicating fragrance!

~ Nettie

How long have you been together?

13 years.

Tell us your engagement story!

It was a lovely early spring evening in Boston. Neil took Christin to Alden and Harlow, the place we went on our first date after we moved to the city. When we got home, Neil had to pretend he didn’t feel well so Christin would take Otis out for his nightly walk. When Christin walked through the door after the walk, she noticed candlelight was spilling out of the living room. “Make You Feel My Love” by Adele starts playing, and she knew then. She was frozen in place and said “What’s going on?” Neil laughed and said, “come in here!” When she came in the room, he was on one knee!

What is one of your favorite things to do as a couple?

Travel, try new cuisines, take Otis (our dog) on adventures.

What made you fall in love with The Gardens and choose it for your wedding day?

We knew we wanted an outdoor venue, and The Gardens were unlike anything we’d ever seen before. It was the first venue we saw, and we couldn’t stop thinking about it on the rest of our tours. Nothing held a candle to its indescribable beauty. We loved all of the different little areas that come together to make the venue so stunning; Nettie’s garden, the Rose Garden, the Great Pine, the Cottage, etc. Lisa was also absolutely incredible during our tour and we knew we’d be handled with great care with staff like that to help!

What was your favorite place to take photos around The Gardens?

Nettie’s Garden. It was truly out of a whimsical fairytale.

What was the best part of your wedding day?

It’s impossible to pick one thing. Very high on the list is witnessing everyone we loved celebrating together in the most whimsical, beautiful, and perfect setting.